The University of Arizona

Dr. Halonen Lab

The A2DRC Immunology and Genetics Laboratory at Bio5 is involved in the search for immunologic, genetic and environmental factors that predispose an individual to the development of asthma, allergies and other airway diseases.

We perform testing on samples from several longitudinal studies of cohorts of individuals enrolled at birth or early childhood and followed into adulthood through the Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center. Immunologic assays range from cytokine measurement to cell stimulation assays and gene expression analyses. Using these and other complementary experimental techniques, our laboratory is identifying molecular mechanisms and biomarkers of disease. Our lab also engages in collaborations with both national and international cohorts to measure these disease markers in relation to disease status or response to therapeutics. Our lab also stores and manages the vast number of samples created from these studies.

Further, we genotype the DNA from children and adults enrolled in many of these studies. Through this work we are able to identify the specific polymorphisms in the genes that are associated with phenotypes of asthma, allergy, or to response to current therapies. Identification of these polymorphisms may contribute to our understanding of these complex conditions, suggest strategies for prevention, and allow physicians to customize treatment in the future.